Category: 2023 UKIFET Conference

Relevance, equity, scalability and sustainability: Lessons from the 2023 GEM Report on education in technology

Education technology generates passionate debate. Is technology leading the way for democracy by offering unfiltered access to all human intellectual output at the hit of a button; or does it pose a grave threat to democracy by offering unprecedented ability to a few people to control the content that reaches… Read More

Day-to-day interactions: Contextualising the barest minimum for foundational learning for young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

At the UKFIET conference, I presented my paper “My Foundation Starts Here: What Foundational Learning Means for Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers”, It was an opportunity to reflect on what foundational learning means for young people who have fled war or persecution and found themselves in the UK. Read More

From exclusion to empowerment: The transformative power of the ‘Advancing Action for Adolescent Girls’ second chance education programme

If a nation's wealth were to be judged, it would not be by its gold reserves, sprawling cities or technological prowess. Instead, it would be by its human capital. Education is the primary tool through which human capital is cultivated and enhanced. For Pakistan, the lack of equal educational opportunities,… Read More

Key takeaways and reflections from Early Childhood Education In Emergencies panel at 2023 UKFIET conference

Conflicts, crises, and climate change have resulted in the displacement of millions of children across the globe. Early childhood education and development (ECED) offers safety, security, and stability for children in crises. Despite its importance, ECED programming in emergencies is not viewed as a central pillar of humanitarian response. Read More