Two primary school children colouring in class, Sri Lanka.

Development, education and learning in Sri Lanka: an international research journey

June 26, 2024
A girl in the classroom in Mali raises her hand to answer a question from the teacher.

Harnessing implementation science to drive educational transformation in sub-Saharan Africa

June 24, 2024
Female teacher ini a bright orange robe, stands at the blackboard in a classroom for the Kano Literacy and Mathematics Accelerator (KaLMA) project, Kano State, Nigeria.

Arguing for a language-focused approach to support socio-emotional learning and wellbeing

June 18, 2024
Teacher at the front of a class holding up her fingers to a class of young students at Al Amal School, set up by the refugee-led organisation Multi-Aid Programs in a refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, 20 October 2020.

Why host country education for refugees isn’t a magical solution

June 17, 2024
A female Syrian refugee walking across refugee camp in Jordan.

Why is language critical in education during crises?

June 12, 2024
Drawing of a girl with a ladder reaching to the moon. Caption is You can reach the moon if you want"

Being a teacher with disabilities: Experiences from across five countries

June 10, 2024