International Mother Earth Day

April 22, 2024
Statue of a teacher and a child with a book. Statue is set in amongst trees and shrubs

Teacher professional development in Africa – A decolonial synthesis of the research evidence

April 22, 2024
Staff from the university have a discussion in a radio broadcasting room.

Working with Media to Foster Peace and Share Knowledge in Communities: The University of Kordofan’s Journey

April 17, 2024
Learner with baby in a community-based accelerated learning centre, Malawi.

Inclusive Education for marginalised girls in Malawi: what worked in Link Education’s Leave No Girl Behind Project

April 15, 2024
Children look at books together in their primary school class, Bulgaria.

Our education system is failing, not the students. But we can fix this

April 8, 2024
The panel presenting at the UKFIET Conference 2023 in Oxford University Examination Schools. Wooden panelling and portraits of ancient academics

De-mystifying the black box of results-based financing programmes: What works?

March 27, 2024