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Montage of different photos taken at the language day 19-3-24 some groups and some writing on flip charts

Event highlights: Language and its critical role in education and training around the world

March 26, 2024
Teacher working with a group of children in blue uniforms

How student leadership can create a sustainable future

March 20, 2024
A student refers to their mobile phone alongside their textbook in class.

Forbidding the fundamental: the futile absurdity of banning smartphones from classrooms

March 11, 2024
People in Nigeria celebrate the launch of a guide that will help parents of children with disabilities support their child’s education.

The key to inclusive education is engaging organisations of people with disabilities

February 27, 2024
Afghan girl does her school work sitting on a carpet in a class run by Street Child Afghanistan.

Addressing the educational needs of Afghan returnee children: A call to action

February 14, 2024
Democratising Innovation through Farmer Research Networks (FRN) in Malawi. Image of Malawi showing regions. Circle with text Best Bets project supported by McKnight Foundation . Arrows to further text: Support scaling of soil health innovations in complex farming systems. Support farmer engagement in research that identifies soil health innovations suitable for diverse contexts.

Farmer Research Networks in Malawi as a socially just model of inclusive knowledge co-creation

February 12, 2024