Launch of NISSEM Global Briefs: Educating for the social, the emotional and the sustainable

This blog was written by Andy Smart, education and publishing consultant, and Margaret Sinclair, consultant on education and emergencies and conflict-sensitive policies. The authors will launch the NISSEM Global Briefs at the symposium ‘From Divisive Stereotypes to Inclusive Identities: the Role of Textbooks and Educational Media’ on 18 September at the UKFIET conference on inclusive […]

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Translators without Borders UKFIET presentation -FINAL.with logo

Where there is no data: what happens when humanitarian education programmes lack language data

This blog was written by Alice Castillejo, Program Advisor with Translators without Borders. Alice will be making a presentation entitled ‘Overcoming educational inequality in emergencies through language’ at the September 2019 UKFIET conference on inclusive education systems. Humanitarians don’t routinely collect and share data on what languages people speak. Translators without Borders (TWB) has found […]

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Listening to the Partners: the Impact of a Demand-Driven Support

This blog was written by Dr. Alexandra McCormick, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. The author will present in a symposium at the September 2019 UKFIET conference about the collaborative impact study of the German BACKUP Initiative – Education in Africa, with Ronja Hoelzer, (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), BACKUP Education Project Manager), Martha […]

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School in Andhra Pradesh, India (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann).

A Learning Crisis or a Data Crisis? Rethinking Global Metrics

This blog was written by  Radhika Gorur, Associate Professor of Education at Deakin University, Australia, and a Director of the Laboratory for International Assessment Studies. The author will be making a presentation at the September 2019 UKFIET conference on inclusive education systems. With the focus of SDG4 on the quality of education, and on monitoring […]

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Translating inclusive education policies into teacher practice: teaching for all in South Africa and Rwanda

This blog was written by Line Kuppens, Senior Education Advisor Primary and Secondary Education, VVOB – education for development; in cooperation with Evariste Karangwa, Dean of the School of Inclusive Education, University of Rwanda College of Education; Dr Tanya Bekker, Head of Inclusive Education of the Department of Studies in Education, University of Witwatersrand; Loran […]

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