This article provides a video of a presentation given at the September 2023 UKFIET conference by team members from Statistics for Sustainable Development (Stats4SD).

In September last year, Social and Qualitative Research Methods Specialist, Romina De Angelis, from Statistics for Sustainable Development (Stats4SD) gave a presentation at the UKFIET conference on Education for Social and Environmental Justice.

Romina saw this conference as a great opportunity to discuss the potential created by Farmer Research Networks (FRNs) to promote knowledge co-creation in a way that is socially just, inclusive, and that reflects agroecological values.

She teamed up with Dr Frank Tchuwa and Dr Daimon Kambewa, who work directly with FRNs in Malawi, to produce a presentation for the conference.

Although only Romina was able to physically attend, Frank recorded his presentation ahead of time, so the conference was able to hear him talk about his team’s work directly.

The presentation covers the following:

  • The first part introduces the concepts and elements of agroecology
  • The second part is a video about the FRNs in Malawi
  • Finally, the third part draws some conclusions on the impact and relevance of FRNs in Malawi especially in the context of research for sustainable development.

Stats4SD has produced a recorded version of the presentation given at the conference. You can watch it here: