Category: Climate Change

Greening schools: Visible thinking routines for leveraging environmental education in Pakistan

Green school programmes take on various forms and names worldwide, but at their core, they embrace a “whole school approach". This approach seeks to involve students, educators, and the local community to enhance the school environment and inspire students to identify and address environmental issues at the local level. Read More

Education that listens to those most affected by climate change

In this Education for Climate Justice blog series, we bring you new research, case studies and examples of education for climate action from across the globe. We aim to provoke discussion and encourage learning and collaborations that promote environmental and social justice through new models and practices of education. This… Read More

Conversations for Change: Response to FCDO position paper ‘Addressing the climate, environment and biodiversity crises in and through girls’ education’

The resounding message that emerged from the UKFIET event is that the status quo is unacceptable: education needs to change. In this blog, we welcome FCDO’s commitment to delivering this change, and offer recommendations for where more needs to be done. Read More