UKFIET’s membership is comprised of organisations involved with education and development across public, voluntary, commercial and non-commercial sectors at local, national and international levels.

Membership is open to organisations in the UK working in the field of education and international development. By joining UKFIET organisations increase their access to current knowledge, practices and issues in education and development through:

  • colloquia and workshops on current issues;
  • engagement with government departments on policy development and research priorities;
  • engagement with international bodies regarding global priorities; and
  • access to information about special interest meetings through the UKFIET website and membership list.

UKFIET member organisations have opportunities to develop links between civil society and public and private sector organisations. Members are also invited to shape the development of UKFIET events, including the biennial International Conference on Education and Development.

To find out about your organisation becoming a member of UKFIET please contact Sarah Jeffery, Programme Manager.

Current Members