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Instructional leadership – what it is and why it matters

Joseph is the new headteacher of a rural primary school in Central Zambia. He faces many challenges. The school has recently been connected to the mains water supply but has no electricity. In his first few weeks, he was visited by Martha, the District Education Standards Officer, who highlighted the… Read More

World Teachers’ Day 2022

The theme for World Teachers' Day 2022 is “The transformation of education begins with teachers”. This is a day to celebrate the transformative and critical role that teachers play in growing learners’ potential. We need to ensure that they have the tools they need and are recognised for their key… Read More

Teachers in 2040: Far fewer but much more effective and substantially better rewarded

This article, based on a recent conference presentation, is contributed by Mike Douse, who explores how education’s forthcoming fundamental transformation will result in far fewer teachers worldwide, with each of them facilitating learning much more effectively, and all deserving and hopefully receiving substantially greater remuneration and intangible rewards than in… Read More

Adapting interventions to strengthen teaching quality during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experience of the Girls’ Education Challenge in Afghanistan, Ghana and Sierra Leone

This blog was written by: Monazza Aslam (OPERA), Phoebe Downing (REAL Centre, University of Cambridge), Romanshi Gupta (Tetra Tech), Shenila Rawal (OPERA), Pauline Rose (REAL...

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