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Day-to-day interactions: Contextualising the barest minimum for foundational learning for young refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

At the UKFIET conference, I presented my paper “My Foundation Starts Here: What Foundational Learning Means for Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers”, It was an opportunity to reflect on what foundational learning means for young people who have fled war or persecution and found themselves in the UK. Read More

Assessment: the forgotten component in large scale teacher professional development?

Much attention has been given to the assessment of learning at school and university. Reflecting this increased focus on this area, Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programmes include considerable support to teachers to improve how they use assessment , but how much thought is given to the design and evaluation of… Read More

Disrupting Power Dynamics in Collaborative Educational Research: Dialogue-based Research on Family, School, and Community Engagement

This study is part of a larger transnational research collaborative that is developing a methodology for understanding families’, educators’, and students' beliefs and experiences in education, and strategies for how to create deeper partnerships. In this research collaboration, educators are leading research with schools in their communities. Read More

Preparing tactile geography learning aids for sustainable education

This blog explores the transformation of geography education for visually-impaired learners. Geography learning is about understanding differences, recognising similarities, and celebrating diversity in class or out of school. Geography is a discipline that needs to be observed, visualised, and perceived to interact through concrete experiences. The visually-impaired learners who are… Read More