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Food for thought? Evidence from Young Lives sheds new light on the impact of Ethiopia’s PSNP for children’s foundational cognitive skills

New research from Young Lives on foundational cognitive skills provides ground-breaking evidence that children from households benefitting from Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) have better long-term memory and implicit learning skills than children from similar households that do not receive PSNP support. Read More

The road paved with good intentions: Is social and emotional learning (SEL) safe and effective for all children affected by crises?

Over 222 million school-aged children are affected by armed conflicts and crises globally as of 2022. This number is expected to continue to rise due to ongoing crises and disasters. In the reality of the compounding trauma and protracted crises that so many children are living through, we need sustainable… Read More

Lessons from Ethiopia for the global education community on large-scale education reforms with equity

In recent years, primary school enrolment has expanded rapidly in Ethiopia. However, even before the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most disadvantaged still face challenges in completing primary school and learning levels have remained low and even appear to have stalled. The Research for Improving Systems of… Read More