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Learning Trajectories: A Practical Tool for Tracking Learning and Taking Action

Learning trajectories are graphs that show how many children achieve a certain level of minimum proficiency at each grade. While learning trajectories have previously been used for research, two new efforts show that they can also serve as practical tools to analyse the learning crisis and take informed action.

Remedial education to support learning loss threatened by cuts to development aid

The data is in: The COVID-19 global pandemic has been one of the most destructive events for student learning across globe, with the worst effects among the most vulnerable students – those in low-income and/or conflict-affect contexts. Globally, 1.5 billion students in 188 countries were unable to attend school in-person.

Ed Tech in Peru: If You Build It, They Might Come (But Probably Not)

This is the story of a succession of initiatives implemented in Peru during the past 13 years to promote learning through the implementation of a variety of educational technology programmes. I trust that the lessons learned, sometimes painful, and the challenges we are still unable to untangle will help others…