Category: Conflict, Crisis and Emergency

Who holds whom to account when harm is done? Funder accountability and responsibility within the education in emergencies community

This blog was written by Ritesh Shah, University of Auckland (lead author); D. Brent Edwards Jr., University of Hawaii Manoa; S. Garnett Russell, Teachers College Colombia...

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The road paved with good intentions: Is social and emotional learning (SEL) safe and effective for all children affected by crises?

Over 222 million school-aged children are affected by armed conflicts and crises globally as of 2022. This number is expected to continue to rise due to ongoing crises and disasters. In the reality of the compounding trauma and protracted crises that so many children are living through, we need sustainable… Read More

Conflict, crisis, climate and migration – interview with convenors of UKFIET conference theme

Interview with theme convenors of one of six 2023 UKFIET conference themes, ‘Conflict, crisis, climate and migration’: Chris Berry, Education Adviser, UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and Rachael Fitzpatrick, Senior Researcher, Education Development Trust. Read More

Voices of the children of the Lake Chad region: Co-constructing knowledge and advocacy for social change in protracted armed conflict and crisis contexts using photovoice

This blog reports on networking research which used photovoice with a group of children and young people in the Lake Chad region to provide a means of meaningful participation in research about their lives, experience, and wellbeing needs. Read More

Supporting the successful reintegration of trafficking survivors and reducing the likelihood of re-trafficking in Nepal and Nigeria

Our Stakeholder and Knowledge Exchange Engagement project (SKEEP), is funded by the Open University RES-Research-Enterprise impact acceleration fund. The project is in partnership with Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF), Nigeria; Peace Rehabilitation Centre (PRC), Nepal; and ACE Charity Africa. The project brought together a broad stakeholder cohort… Read More