What should inclusive education systems look like in the future and how do we get there?

Summary of final panel discussion at UKFIET 2019 conference – told in Tweets The final panel of the UKFIET conference of 2019 closed with a panel discussion. Panellists reflected on the conference, and gave their perspectives on how education systems globally can become more inclusive. The panel consisted of: Andria Zafirakou, Global Teacher Prize winner […]

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‘Our School’s Journey to Inclusive Education’ – UKFIET 2019 conference closing plenary by Andria Zafirakou

Andria Zafirakou, teacher of arts and textiles in London, and Global Teacher Prize winner in 2018, presented her school’s journey to becoming an inclusive school in the final plenary of the 2019 UKFIET conference. Andria teachers at Alperton Community School, a secondary school academy in the inner city borough of Brent. Brent is one of […]

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Ibrahim Hassan Ahmed, 14, is enrolled in Save the Children’s Alternative Basic Education programme (ABE) for Somali refugees in Heleweyn camp, Dollo Ado Ethiopia; which will ensure that children who have been unable to access education are able to catch up via a consolidated curriculum. 

This new Education in Emergencies project will ensure that over 5,400 children between the ages of 11 and 14 have access to quality basic education. For many this will be the very first time that they have been given the opportunity to learn in a safe, protective and nurturing space.

Funded by a grant from the European Union’s Nobel Peace prize money, the project will enable these children to begin their recovery from the effects of conflict and support them in building their resilience to cope with their lives ahead.

Including refugees in national education systems – some progress, but not good enough

By Emma Wagner, Education in Emergencies, Policy & Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children. Violent conflicts and displacement jeopardise not only the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG 4) but also risk the progress towards other goals. UNHCR’s new annual education report – Stepping Up – shows that despite some progress, 3.7 million refugees are still […]

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Tues69 Nafisa Baboo, Light for the World

Nafisa Baboo talks about Inclusive Education ‘Lost in Translation’ – Summary of UKFIET 2019 Opening Plenary Told in Tweets

Nafisa Baboo was our second keynote speaker in the opening plenary for the UKFIET 2019 conference. She is the Director on Inclusive Education for Light for the World, an international disability and development organisation (using the guiding principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as the UN SDGs) […]

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