Category: Higher Education and Skills

The role of universities in supporting young people to become effective peace builders: The experience of Hawassa University in Ethiopia

Hawassa University, in collaboration with international organisations (including the EU. the British Council and USAID), has focused on three main interventions that enhance capacity of the students and enable them to take up an active role in peacebuilding activities, within the university as well as in their respective communities. Read More

Bridging the STEM gap in higher education in Bangladesh: Exploring female underrepresentation in STEM subjects

UNESCO reported in 2017 that women’s participation in STEM education globally is only 35%. Their participation in STEM education in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in South Asia. In most low-income countries, men still outnumber women in accessing higher education including Bangladesh. Read More

Career talks: Crucial step in shaping the aspirations of youth in Uganda’s secondary schools

Thousands of Ugandan youth join secondary education every school year, most of them hoping to find meaningful work after school. There is, however, a glaring gap between these employment preferences and the reality of the world of work – a gap that sets young people up for particularly troublesome school-to-work… Read More