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Inclusive Education for marginalised girls in Malawi: what worked in Link Education’s Leave No Girl Behind Project

Link Education’s Transformational Empowerment of Adolescent Marginalised Girls in Malawi (TEAM Girl Malawi) has demonstrated an efficient and effective inclusive model that can deliver quality education in a non-formal setting to the most marginalised youth, including those with disabilities, supporting the Government of Malawi’s commitment to provide 12 years of… Read More

From exclusion to empowerment: The transformative power of the ‘Advancing Action for Adolescent Girls’ second chance education programme

If a nation's wealth were to be judged, it would not be by its gold reserves, sprawling cities or technological prowess. Instead, it would be by its human capital. Education is the primary tool through which human capital is cultivated and enhanced. For Pakistan, the lack of equal educational opportunities,… Read More

What works to advance girls’ education in Nigeria? Join our UKFIET symposium to learn how we brought 1.5 million girls into school

Nigeria is committed to realising the rights of all children and achieving their full potential by building strong foundations. The core of UNICEF’s and FCDO’s education work in Nigeria is partnering with the government to address demand- and supply-side barriers to both access and learning. Read More

Developing responsive and adaptive approaches in support of Adolescent Girls’ Education in Zimbabwe by developing communities of reflective practice – The story of SAGE in Zimbabwe

Within this blog, we reflect upon the progress and impact of embedding reflective practices at scale in Zimbabwe within the Supporting Adolescent Girls’ Education (SAGE)[i] programme’s Accelerated Teaching and Learning (ATL) component, which developed its own communities of reflective practice (CoRPs). Read More