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Photo: ©Hayssam Moussawi

Language for Resilience: the role of language in enhancing resilience in refugee and host communities in crisis

This blog was written by Claire Duly (Language for Resilience Piloting and Digital Launch Consultant) and Caspar Mays (Consultant, English for Education Systems and MENA lead for Language for Resilience at the British Council) to highlight recommendations from research on the role of language and engagement with refugee and host communities. What is the global […]

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COVID_Kenya School closures

How school closures during COVID-19 further marginalize vulnerable children in Kenya

This blog was written by Damaris Seleina Parsitau, Senior Lecturer at Egerton University, Kenya and Evelyn Jepkemei, Education Advisor, World University Service of Canada. It was originally published on the Brookings Education Plus Development website on 6 May 2020. On March 15, 2020, the Kenyan government abruptly closed schools and colleges nationwide in response to […]

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Koat Reath addresses his 100-strong class at Jewi Refugee Camp in Gambella, Ethiopia. © UNHCR/Eduardo Soteras Jalil

Climate migration and education: are we making our education systems future-proof?

This blog was written by Anja Nielsen, Senior Policy and Advocacy Adviser for Education and Youth at UNICEF UK, the National Committee for UNICEF in the United Kingdom. She is responsible for shaping and leading the organisation’s education policy and advocacy work, which focusses largely on learning on the move. She has over five years’ […]

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Russell Watkins/Department for International Development

Increasing integration or furthering fragmentation? The inclusion of Syrian refugees in the Lebanese public education system

This blog was written by Jo Kelcey and Samira Chatila, Centre for Lebanese Studies, Lebanese American University. For the 2019 UKFIET conference, 17 individuals, including Samira, were provided with bursaries to assist them to participate and present at the conference. The researchers were asked to write a short piece about their research or experience. How […]

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Ibrahim Hassan Ahmed, 14, is enrolled in Save the Children’s Alternative Basic Education programme (ABE) for Somali refugees in Heleweyn camp, Dollo Ado Ethiopia; which will ensure that children who have been unable to access education are able to catch up via a consolidated curriculum. 

This new Education in Emergencies project will ensure that over 5,400 children between the ages of 11 and 14 have access to quality basic education. For many this will be the very first time that they have been given the opportunity to learn in a safe, protective and nurturing space.

Funded by a grant from the European Union’s Nobel Peace prize money, the project will enable these children to begin their recovery from the effects of conflict and support them in building their resilience to cope with their lives ahead.

Including refugees in national education systems – some progress, but not good enough

By Emma Wagner, Education in Emergencies, Policy & Advocacy Adviser, Save the Children. Violent conflicts and displacement jeopardise not only the Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG 4) but also risk the progress towards other goals. UNHCR’s new annual education report – Stepping Up – shows that despite some progress, 3.7 million refugees are still […]

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