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COVID_Edu YouTube

Traffic to Educational YouTube channels and Google Classroom during COVID-19 shows the stark Digital Divide between nations

This article is written by Vijay Siddharth Pillai, a recent graduate in Education and International Development from the University of Cambridge and a former Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellow (India). He currently works as an Education Consultant (Education in Emergencies) at the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan. This blog is part of a series from […]

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Cambridge University Press

Overcoming disruption: How education systems can adapt to a post-Covid world

This blog was written by Jane Mann, Director of Education Reform, Cambridge University Press. It was originally published on the Cambridge University Press website. A New Reality for Education? As I write this, my three sons are scattered around my house, stretching our internet connection to its limits, attempting to navigate school work set online […]

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COVID_Locatelli_UNESCO school closure

Italy: the struggle to define an innovative and inclusive educational project in the context of COVID-19 pandemic

This blog was written by Rita Locatelli, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the UNESCO Chair of the Catholic University of Milan and Monica Mincu, Associate Professor of Comparative Education at the University of Turin.* With almost seven million primary and secondary school students confined at home, Italy was one of the first countries to close schools […]

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Joanna Wild_Digital learning

Going digital – What we have learnt about online learning approaches

This blog was written by INASP digital learning specialists Joanna Wild, Andy Nobes, Veronika Schaeffler and Ravi Murugesan. As the world looks to online alternatives to previously face-to-face teaching, collaborating and information exchange, they share a roundup of learning and advice. This blog was originally published on the INASP website on 25 March 2020. Over […]

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