Author: Mike Douse

Speaking about education: The need to foster communication skills

Schools give specific support to children with speech difficulties and they pay particular attention to students who will enter public speaking and debating contests, thereby bringing glory to their institutions. But, for the vast majority in the middle, spoken communication is not on the curriculum and, across the world, the…

Longtermism versus Third Millennium Education

This UKFIET Blog is contributed by Mike Douse who accepts that scanning the far horizon sensibly can be a valuable means of keeping immediate challenges in perspective, yet calls upon teachers, learners and planners to be healthily sceptical about all mega-philosophies, and believes that education, as currently evolving, will be…

Teachers in 2040: Far fewer but much more effective and substantially better rewarded

This article, based on a recent conference presentation, is contributed by Mike Douse, who explores how education’s forthcoming fundamental transformation will result in far fewer teachers worldwide, with each of them facilitating learning much more effectively, and all deserving and hopefully receiving substantially greater remuneration and intangible rewards than in…

Educational aid as slavery and colonialism relic

In a West African university in the early-1960s, unthinkingly and unashamedly I presented my students with the information and ideas that I had absorbed during my postgraduate studies in the UK.