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A teacher writes maths formulas on a blackboard at a school. Image Credit_Philippe-Lissac_Godong_Panos-Pictures

New research addresses global teaching crisis

This blog was written by Elizabeth Tofaris, University of Cambridge, on behalf of the the Impact Initiative for international development research. The Impact Initiative seeks to connect policymakers and practitioners with the world-class social science research supported by the ESRC-DFID Strategic Partnership, maximising the uptake and impact of research from: (i) the Joint Fund for […]

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Meeting SDG 4’s learning objectives- Looking beyond the obvious

Can education systems anticipate the challenges of artificial intelligence? There is increasing concern that artificial intelligence could automate many jobs and displace scores of workers in the next decade or two. The usual response to this possibility is to argue that automation has never caused long-term unemployment in the past and that displaced workers just […]

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