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How gender-responsive teaching supports #everygirlinschool

How gender-responsive teacher training has a positive impact on teacher practice. The potential impact of changing gender mindsets on girls’ education:  Gender bias and stereotypes are a significant barrier to girls’ access and engagement in secondary education across sub-Saharan Africa. Uganda’s National Strategy for Girls’ Education highlights that cultural expectations,…

Educating adolescent girls: what works?

With 129 million girls out of school around the world and only 1 in 3 African children accessing secondary school, PEAS want to get #everygirlinschool. PEAS has over a decade of experience educating adolescent girls in Uganda and Zambia.

Girls’ education might just save the planet!

As parts of India are gripped in an extreme heatwave, I am reminded of the alarming statistic by Care International: ‘Women are 14 times more likely to die in climate related disasters than men[1]’ – a staggering fact that illustrates how the poorest women and girls, who contribute the least…

It’s not girls versus boys, it’s ALL children against gender inequality

The new report published by UNESCO: ‘Leave no child behind: Global report on boys’ disengagement from education’ makes the case that we need to focus more attention on Abdul because he is at risk of not continuing to secondary school and the world has not paid enough attention to this…