International Social Emotional or Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) Day was held on 11 March. It was established to mark the significance of SEL, a central element of education, as evidence shows that SEL enhances academic outcomes, improves relationship and communication skills, and prepares students for navigating society.

A lot of evidence has documented the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students’ academic learning. Less attention has been given to the important role of students’ SEL, mental health and wellbeing. More evidence is needed, particularly in the context of the Global South. This selection of articles contribute to this important emerging evidence base.


Socioemotional Learning (SEL) and EdTech – Opportunities for Turbulent Times
by Akanksha Bapna

Supporting Students’ Socio-Emotional Learning, Mental Health, and Wellbeing During and Beyond COVID-19
by Louise Yorke

Adopting a holistic approach to examining learning loss as a result of school closures in Ethiopia: including socio-emotional learning
by Stephen Bayley, Darge Wole Meshesha, Paul Ramchandani, Pauline Rose, Tassew Woldehanna and Louise Yorke

Finding synergies between socio-emotional learning and mental health and psychosocial wellbeing
by Fiona Samuels

COVID-19-related school closures in Ghana: Unequal effects on students’ learning opportunities, educational achievement and mental health
by Edward Sosu

Learning with Mothers: Mobiles, Motivation, and Measurement. Early Childhood Education Interventions in Pratham
by Varsha Hari Prasad

How can education systems around the world support more inclusive learning in a (post-)COVID-19 era?
by Anusha Ghosh and Katarzyna Kubacka

Children’s socio-emotional skills and the home environment during the COVID-19 crisis
by Gloria Moroni, Cheti Nicoletti and Emma Tominey

What we’re learning in this pandemic that illuminates the path to transforming education
by Wendy Kopp

How prepared are teachers to deal with “learning lag” of students?
by Rammohan Khanapurkar, Ketan Dandare and Shalini Bhorkar