Dancing our way into plenary from Day 2 of UKFIET conference 2017: Told in Tweets

Mike Wamaya, AnnosAfrica/One Fine Day, top ten finalise for Global Teacher Prize 2017

This year’s BAICE plenary started with an invigorating and participatory dance session. This reminded us all that learning is supposed to be fun! Mike Wamaya led a ‘masterclass’ earlier in the day as a warm up. This provided insights into his inspiring work as a teacher of ballet to disadvantaged children in Kibera slums in Nairobi, Kenya. An important aspect of Mike’s success is the combination of the teaching of dance skills with social skills, which is recognised to have also had a positive effect on students’ wider academic work.


See the report on  Pauline Rose’s Plenary Session at the Conference where Mike and his dancers set the scene.