Multiple crises are compounding the complex challenge of education planning and financing at national, regional, and global levels, placing governments around the world under additional pressure. It is more important than ever that the global education community re-think how we support sector planning and financing to promote the prioritisation of social equity, inclusion and sustainability in education systems. We have seen the potential – as well as the risks – of our increasing reliance on technology and data to improve access to quality and inclusive learning and training, and need to redouble our efforts to ensure that this also advances equity and holistic development.  

Submissions to this sub-theme may address some of the following questions and topics: 

  • How might diverse voices and perspectives, including teachers, youth and civil society, be genuinely engaged in education planning?
  • To what extent and under what conditions are investments in education directed towards gender, racial, and broader equality? What is and what should be the relationship between the planning and the financing of education, especially where questions of inclusion, justice, and equity are at stake? 
  • Technology is an ever-evolving enabler and conduit for education; how can it be harnessed to improve the quality and equity of education? What should we understand about the possibilities and risks of increased use of technology in the pursuit of social and environmental justice in and through education?
  • How can educational data lead to social and environmental justice and what kinds of data do we need for this? (How) is the necessary capacity and skills building being ensured so that decisions are based on appropriate and high-quality datasets?   
  • How might we move from a preoccupation with growth and scale to a more balanced focus which also values quality, sustainability and deep impact, through a thorough understanding of context?  

Sub-theme convenors:

Sally Rosscorns

Sally Rosscornes

Ellen Smith, Aga Khan Foundation

Read the interview with the convenors about their aspirations for the theme