The Bursary Fund was able to assist 17 individuals to attend and  present at the Conference in 2019.

Alfonso Accinelli, Independent, Peru – The effect of competition in Indian schools

(Muhammad) Afzan Munir, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi (ITA)- The potential and possibilities of understanding educational exclusion through disaggregated data: case of using the Washington Group, Child Functioning Module, in Pakistan

Abdullah Alam, Institute of Social and Policy Sciences, Pakistan – Including the Marginalized: Learnings from the STRIDE Intervention in Pakistan

Eva Bulgrin, University of Sussex – Struggles for inclusion: spatial analyses of education in Africa

Alice Castillejo, Translators without Borders – Overcoming educational inequality in emergencies through language

Samira Chatila, Lebanese American University in Beirut – Increasing inclusion or furthering fragmentation? A critical examination of Lebanon’s approach to the Syrian refugee crisis

In Cheol Jang, University of East Anglia – Jumping on the bandwagon: challenges of ICT utilisation in Ethiopian secondary education

Rebat Kumar Dhakal, Kathmandu University School of Education  -‘Fixing the Broken System’: Can (Gender) Inclusive School Governance Help?

Palesa Molebatse, University of the Witwatersrand – Higher education, inequalities and the public good in Africa

Eshan Prashar, Pratham Education Foundation- School Drop-Outs: (Unrealized) Aspirations, Possibilities and Challenges

Ana Carolina Rodrigues, University of Groningen –Youth in (post-)conflict areas

Joy Rosenberg, University of Hertfordshire/Mary Hare School  – Education financing for global equity and inclusion: a case study

Jean Paul Rubyagiza Rugabira, Ebenezer Ministry International DRC – Community and teacher-led inclusion initiatives in a conflict zone

Thomas Salmon, University of Rhodes, South Africa. – Teacher education for inclusion in South Africa – an epistemic journey and a roadmap forward

Tanushree Sarkar, Vanderbilt University, Peabody College – Who is included in the language of inclusion? A qualitative case study of inclusive education in India

Stephen Thompson, University of Sussex – Let’s ask them ! How can we improve inclusive education in primary schools in Nigeria? A workshop to consider participatory approaches.

Ji Ying, University of Cambridge – Schooling and language diversity: the case of Manegacha speaking community in China