The 2019 UKFIET conference, 17-19 September, will explore issues through six main parallel themes. Each of these is co-convened by two experts from the Conference Committee. Here they provide a short teaser of what you can expect from their theme.

By Dr Ricardo Sabates from the Faculty of Education and member of the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre, University of Cambridge, and Dr Shrochis Karki, Education Systems Lead at Oxford Policy Management.

 Ricardo touches on the very tough selection process to narrow down the number of outstanding submissions. They selected sessions around a number of important themes: the ongoing issue of access and how to reach all communities, inclusiveness in the classroom – including children with disabilities and other learning difficulties, indigenous knowledge and curriculum provision, and skills development for the future. Finally, they are happy to have papers on systems thinking, policy changes, achieving change at scale – all of these issues will be discussed and participants are invited to bring best practice and knowledge to share.

Shrochis highlights how excited he and Ricardo are about their theme. They received a diverse set of applications. He is particularly looking forward to some of the sessions around skills and children with disabilities. On reflection, there are a lot of papers focusing on the important aspect of inclusion, but he would like to stress that it will be important for both presenters and participants to link this to the future directions and draw out the implications of inclusion related to education systems.