Following the success of workshops at our 2017 conference,  we have continued to offer them again this time.

Due to the format of these sessions  places are limited.  Booking is available from 13 September via the conference  App –there is a link in the programme for the session, there will also be sign up sheets at the Conference.

Tuesday 17th September

Co-creating a curriculum with young people: a step towards inclusivity in education
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Literacy for All: How to Use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Promote Literacy Skills for Students with Disabilities

Cost Capture and how to Use it in Cost Effectiveness Analysis for Effective and Inclusive Education Policy

The Non-State sector and the Provision of Inclusive Education: Programmes, Partnerships and Potential


Wednesday 18th September

Applying Community Based System Dynamics to increase community participation in classroom inclusion

Strengthening the role of qualitative research in education for inclusive education

Meet the Editors  – No booking required

The opportunities and challenges of translating evidence into policy and practice

Exploring the potential of EdTech-use to develop 21st century skills

Challenging assumptions around teacher training for inclusion


Thursday 19th September

Simulating Inclusive Decision-Making on Priorities for School Improvement

Thinking beyond ‘inclusive’ education systems: Exploring the role of diverse actors in facilitating learning for sustainable development –  no booking required

The PEER Network: Knowledge Exchange for Political Economy Analysis of Education Systems for Early Career Researchers in Conflict Contexts  – no booking required

Let’s ask them ! How can we improve inclusive education in primary schools in Nigeria? A workshop to consider participatory approaches.

Intersectionality and girl’s education: Lessons from the field

Evidence to policy in education: Practical tools for co-creating education research with governments

Challenging assumptions around teacher training for inclusion