This article is by the theme convenors of one of six 2023 UKFIET conference themes, ‘Holistic learning processes and outcomes’: Jaya Gajparia, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, London South Bank University, and Anita Reilly, education consultant. This is published in the lead up to the September 2023 conference to help participants decide which sessions to attend.

As the summer draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming UKFIET 2023 conference. The dedicated organising committee has put in tremendous effort to curate yet another impressive gathering of researchers and practitioners. This conference presents an ideal platform for delegates to collaborate and share their significant work—an aspect that fills us with great enthusiasm.

We were taken aback by the overwhelming response to our theme of ‘Holistic learning processes and outcomes’, which has made the task of finalising our sessions challenging due to the abundance of high-quality submissions. Following thorough review during the Easter period, we engaged in extensive discussions and careful deliberations to ultimately shape the final programme.

We have meticulously developed five engaging themed panel sessions, complemented by a series of thought-provoking symposia, creative sessions and a vibrant poster presentation. We are thrilled beyond words, as we eagerly bring together a diverse range of accomplished panellists who will undoubtedly spark captivating discussions.

In anticipation of the conference, you can expect interesting examples of how Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is fostered within varied global contexts. Our speakers will share methodologies for measuring and substantiating holistic education. Our panellists will present interesting research and findings on whole-child approaches and diverse environmental justice strategies that cross socio-cultural landscapes. What we hope to achieve during these three days is a rich blend of perspectives and opportunities to share, learn and collaborate.