Video series

The Abidjan Principles turned two on 13 February 2021. To commemorate this historic period for the right to education, a series of five videos have been released. The first four videos contain testimonies from the main actors that were involved in the Abidjan Principles, with many being shot during the conference itself. The last video is an animation presenting an overview of the Principles.

The videos are all available here:


Video #1: What are the Abidjan Principles?

Video #2: The importance of the Abidjan Principles for the right to education


Video #3: Addressing privatisation in education with human rights using the Abidjan Principles

Video #4: How the Abidjan Principles can make a difference


Video #5: ANIMATION – the Abidjan Principles: Protecting the right to education together



On 12-13 February 2019, the Abidjan Principles on the human rights obligations of States to provide public education and to regulate private involvement in education were adopted in Côte d’Ivoire, following a three-year participatory consultation and drafting process.

The Abidjan Principles promises to be the new reference point for governments, educators and education providers when debating the respective roles and duties of states and private actors in education. They compile and unpack existing legal obligations that States have regarding the delivery of education, and in particular the role and limitations of private actors in the provision of education.