The Consultation deadline has been extended to 31 May.Global Education Monitoring Report

Migration and education are multifaceted processes involving individuals, schools, communities, regions and countries. They invoke temporal, spatial and intergenerational dimensions. The 2019 GEM Report will enhance understanding of migration and education dynamics. It will give voice to educational challenges and opportunities facing both voluntary and involuntary migrants in host and home communities. It will draw upon wide-ranging evidence from both quantitative and qualitative studies, and the analyses, conclusions and recommendations will advance the aims of SDG4.

The GEM Report team would like to hear your views on the topic through this on-line consultation over the next five weeks. The  team is particularly keen to receive your thoughts on the issues noted above, including suggestions on relevant literature, data analysis and case studies. The views of researchers, academics, governments, non-governmental organizations, aid donors, teachers, youth and anyone with an interest in education and development are most welcome.

Please read the concept note and contribute to this online consultation before 31 May 2017.

If you would rather email your comments, or have attachments of documents or data that you would like to share with the GEM Report team, please send them directly to with ‘2019 Report Consultation’ as a subject heading.