Of the new dominant: a preliminary exploration of the emergent dominance of ‘IT  literacy’ in organisational processes.

Date: 28 Oct 2022
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Event Type: Seminar

Friday, 28th October, 1200 – 1330 UK
Informal Literacy Discussion led by Professor Gordon Avery Hill Campus, University of Greenwich
(This will be a hybrid event, online and in person at the University of Greenwich, London, UK)

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This ILD will examine an emerging dominant literacy – IT literacy – and its potential impact on some members of the communities within which it is becoming dominant. Drawing on the perception of literacy as social practice, the paper locates organisational processes within institutions as belonging to a specific social practice and explores the pattern of dominance of IT literacy that is beginning to emerge within this practice. Using qualitative methods of interviews and a focus group discussion, the study conducted a preliminary exploration of the views of staff within one organisation on the impact of this new dominant literacy. Some of the emergent views elicit the notions of exclusion, inadequacies, and imposition. This ILD will challenge us to think about how we respond to this imminent situation.