The UKFIET Blog features views and opinion from our members and guests on the latest issues in international education and development. We encourage the creativity and individuality of all authors, whether individuals or part of an organisation. We also encourage blogs on a range of themes and issues.

The following guidelines are aimed to assist you with creating your blogs:

  • We welcome entries from both members and other individuals and organisations.
  • Blog entries should be between approximately 600 and 1,000 words maximum.
  • Blogs should be evidence-informed. Please provide links to any references and statistics.
  • We advise authors to give the broader context of an issue and to include a range of relevant and timely external resources.
  • We encourage authors to outline lessons learned and implications for policy or practical recommendations for programme implementation.
  • We encourage contributors to include an eye-catching title and write in a plain English style.
  • Authors can provide a diagram or photo for us to use but please reference where it has come from and ensure that there are no copyright issues. If no image is submitted, a stock image may be used.
  • Blogs can also be video or audio, a photo essay or other form of communication.
  • Authors must provide their names. They can also include their organisational affiliation and a very short one or two sentences bio.
  • We encourage the promotion of relevant research and resources, but direct self-promotion is discouraged.
  • UKFIET retains the final editorial rights to blogs. The author will be contacted to assist with and approve the edits.
  • UKFIET will promote each blog through our social media channels and newsletters. In addition, we encourage authors to share with their networks to broaden the reach.
  • UKFIET retains the right to reject submissions if they do not meet these guidelines.
  • UKFIET retains the right to edit or reject comments left in response to blogs.
  • The content of the UKFIET blog page does not necessarily represent the views of the full UKFIET membership.
  • UKFIET is not responsible for content on external links.

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