In November 2022, UKFIET hosted a successful Conversations for Change one-day conference where participants co-created visions for education that advances global climate justice. We subsequently developed a Call for Action on education for global climate justice to coincide with COP27. These activities made clear that there is a strong appetite among many educators, academics, global development organisations and other kinds of practitioners to work together to generate change in education policies and practices to advance global climate justice. 

A network for those advancing the work of Education for Climate Justice is now being developed. Some activities of this network will be to co-produce narratives and asks for policy makers, to develop mechanisms or a platform for collaboration, to map existing initiatives with the view to link up resonant activities, to profile key areas of work that network partners are doing through a blog series and to gather at a follow-on event in May 2023.  

We are gauging interest in being involved in this network. Whether you attended the November event, signed the Call to Action, or are hearing about this work for the first time, we invite you to take this short scoping survey (<5 min) and to share it widely among your contacts. 

A note on terminology: while we use the term ‘climate justice’, we are aware that multiple, related terms are in use, including environmental education, education for environmental justice, etc. Anyone working in this broad area of work is welcome to collaborate in this work. 

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