Co-convenors: Ricardo Sabates & Shrochis Karki

Educational discourse is increasingly shifting focus from issues of access to schools to learning within schools, from basic education to a full cycle of lifelong learning, from basic skills to 21st Century skills, from an input-based approach to a process-oriented approach that places teaching and learning at the heart of effective provision.  The shift has involved re-thinking what it means to provide effective education for all, moving beyond individualised programmes to consider how these programmes fit within the broad and complex education systems in which teaching and learning takes central place.  The shift has also implied moving beyond binary models for inclusive education, such as boys versus girls or disabled versus non-disabled, to an even broader understanding of inclusiveness within classrooms and thereafter.  It also calls for us to re-imagine the education systems of the future and to consider how these systems can promote inclusiveness and the formation of a broad set of knowledge and skills by dealing with the complex socio-political and economic contexts in which education systems operate.

In this theme, we welcome theoretical or conceptual ‘think-pieces’ as well as empirical research and lessons from practice. Proposals may address some of the following questions and topics:

  • What are the key debates over educational futures? Are there competing voices and values? How can local and marginalised communities participate in the debate?
  • How can a systems thinking approach support mediation of public and private objectives and goals for education?
  • What are the best or most innovative ways to apply systems thinking and research methodologies to understand and improve education systems?
  • How will future systems be inclusive and be cognizant of different education provision mechanisms?
  • In what ways can education systems of the future facilitate the emergence and diffusion of new education innovations as well as local knowledge?
  • How can education systems be better oriented to develop soft skills and socio-emotional skills?

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