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Nalini Boodhoo, University of East Anglia

Sharon Tao, Cambridge Education

This sub-theme encompasses a broad understanding of sustainable development, not only pertaining to the SDGs and notions of environmental sustainability, but also sustainable human and professional development for teachers, and sustainable policy and practice that affects them.

Specifically, we welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners which consider the meaning and complexities of sustainability in relation to: pre and in-service teacher education, curricula for teacher education programmes, teacher recruitment and retention, career progression, professionalism, teachers’ well-being, the management and deployment of teachers, teacher performance, teacher educators and their professional development, incentivisation and technology.

We welcome papers that offer insights on different personal, social, economic, cultural, geographical and educational contexts; as well contributions which address the following:

  • What factors ensure that teacher education programmes can be sustained after funding, material resources and training are finished? Which programme designs, including new forms of partnership, and exit strategies are most sustainable?
  • What new skills and knowledge do teachers need to deliver Education for Sustainable Development and how should teacher education approaches change to support teachers to develop these?
  • What are the lived experiences of teachers/practitioners in meeting the challenges and pressures of bringing about sustainable change?
  • What factors and systems facilitate teachers’ sustained application of new knowledge, skills and values in their particular learning spaces (formal and informal)?
  • What role and/or challenge does technology offer with regard to sustainability of teacher and practitioner development?
  • How can teachers be sustainably motivated to improve student learning outcomes and their own professional development? What collaborations/networks most effectively facilitate this?
  • What insights does a sustainability analysis of teachers’ salaries offer?
  • What is the role of policymakers, school leaders, education officials, teacher educators, donors, I/NGOS, and researchers in developing, supporting and ensuring the sustainability of teachers’/practitioners’ well-being in terms of professional and human development?

We welcome papers informed by research and empirical data and which prompt meaningful reflection and action regarding sustainability for, with and through teachers.

Sharon Tao   Nalini Boodhoo

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