Co-convenors:  Lizzi O.Milligan and Sharon Tao

Education system actors – which include educators working at all levels, from early childhood to higher education as well as ministry officials, regional/district/ward officers, inspectors, technical specialists, education managers and others – are central to providing educational opportunities for all, including the most marginalised. This theme will explore ideas and strategies that support system actors to do so across the education cycle.

In this theme, we welcome theoretical or conceptual ‘think-pieces’ as well as empirical research and lessons from practice. Proposals may address some of the following questions and topics:

  • What can be done to support system actors, who are often subject to the social norms and prejudices that underpin exclusion, to ensure inclusive pedagogies and practices?
  • How can actors, working at the district level best support school level actors?
  • How can education system actors respond to challenges of expanded formal education whilst including the most marginalised?
  • How can discourse and rhetoric characterised by differing interpretations on ‘inclusion’ be reconciled with the reality faced by educators on the ground?
  • How can small yet effective capacity development solutions be implemented at scale? Particularly by education systems that may not have the financial or human resource to do so?
  • How can the actual recruitment, training and deployment of education system actors be inclusive in and of itself?
  • What new roles, functions and organisational structures might we see in education and training systems in the future? What new skill sets are needed for these roles?

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