UKFIET is best known for its biennial conference in Oxford; our next conference will be in September 2023.  Below are listed previous conference themes:

2021 Building Back Better in Education and Training? Reimagining, Reorienting and Redistributing Read More

2019 – Inclusive Education Systems: futures, fallacies and finance Read More

2017 – Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Development – Curriculum,  Cognition Context Read More

2015 – Learning for Sustainable Futures – Making the Connections Read More

2013 – Education and Development Post 2015 – Reflecting, Reviewing, Re-visioning Read More

2011 – Global Challenges for Education: Economics, Environment and Emergency  Read More

2009 – Politics, Policies and Progress Read More

2007 – Going for Growth? School, Community, Economy, Nation Read More

2005 – Learning and Livelihood Read More

2003 – The State of Education: Quantity, quality and Outcomes

2001 – Knowledge Values and Policy

1999 – Poverty Power and Partnership

1997 –  Education and geopolitical change Read More

1995 –  Globalisation and learning Read More

1993 – The Changing Role of the State in Educational Development

1991 – The Reform of Educational Systems to Meet Local and National Needs

1989 – Development through Education – learning from experience