What interventions support better learning outcomes for girls with disabilities?


20 Jul 2023    
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Thursday 20 July, 12-1pm.

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This webinar will discuss findings in relation to two main questions:

  • To what extent did GEC II projects support girls with disabilities through interventions and what factors influenced these decisions?
  • What are the perceived and observed effects of the interventions for girls with disabilities, their teachers, families/caregivers and communities?


  • Presenters: Nidhi Singal and Laraib Niaz, REAL Centre at the University of Cambridge
  • Discussant: Nafissa Baboo, Light for the World
  • Chair: Pauline Rose, REAL Centre

Read the full report here:

Independent evaluation of the Girls’ Education Challenge Phase II – Evaluation study 4: Educating girls with disabilities in GEC II

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