UK Launch of 2021/2 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report: Non-state actors in education: Who chooses? Who loses?

Date: 2 Mar 2022
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Event Type: Report Launch

2 March, 10:30 AM -12:30 PM GMT  Hybrid event

In person: Broadway House, Westminster


Background information:

While everyone wants to achieve the goal of providing quality education for all, there is a highly polarized debate over who should deliver it. The 2021/2 GEM Report on non-state actors in education builds on a comprehensive set of country profiles available through the report’s PEER website (, which details the variety of forms of non-state provision in education and the efforts countries have put in place to regulate these activities. Informed by these profiles, the report outlines the different ways in which non-state actors engage, receive funds and exercise influence in education. It lays out examples of good practice from countries successfully navigating the trade-offs in these relationships to design strong equitable systems for the effective realisation of Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4), from early childhood to adult education.


The UK launch of the 2021/2 GEM Report will examine the relevant findings from the global report and discuss what lessons these experiences hold for other countries. The aim of the event is to: 

  • Present the report’s main findings and recommendations with key stakeholders.  
  • Explore concrete examples of approaches taken by the UK to engage with non-state actors in education (both domestically and internationally) in laws, policies and regulations, aimed to promote equity and quality and what lessons can be drawn for others. 
  • Invite participants to rally around the report’s recommendations, calling for all actors to adhere to the principles of equity, quality and accountability, to support governments in delivering on SDG 4.

Outline Agenda

Opening by the Chair, Caine Rolleston, Chair Executive Committee, UKFIET

Overview of findings and recommendations from 2021/2 GEM Report by Manos Antoninis, Director, Global Education Monitoring Report

The presentation will highlight the key points in the GEM Report from and for the UK; shed light on issues that surfaced and intensified during COVID-19; and discuss approaches to #RightTheRules in education systems.

Two panel discussions:

Panel one: Lessons and experiences from the UK
Three invited speakers representing diverse actors examined by the Report will answer questions addressing the evolution of non-state actors in education within the UK context and what lessons can be drawn for other countries working to achieve SDG 4.
Confirmed Panelists:
Kevin Courtney, General Secretary National Education Union, UK
Susan Robertson, Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge

Katarzyna Kubacka, Research Director, NFER

Panel two: Non-state actors in international education – myths and trends
Three invited speakers representing diverse actors examined by the Report will answer questions focused on the effectiveness to which non-state provision can address challenges in access, quality and learning outcomes for the most marginalized.
Confirmed panelists:
David Archer, Economic Justice and Public Services, ActionAid
Sandra Fredman, Director, Oxford Human Rights Hub

Emma Spicer, Head of Girls Education Department, FCDO

Questions and Discussion


Registered participants will be invited to submit questions to the panels in advance. 

UCU Strike Action 18 Feb – 2 March
We are still planning to hold the event given that it is not part of the work of any UK university​, it was planned before the strike announcement and​, we​ believe​, does not go against the motives for the industrial action.