Teacher Task Force and UNESCO Global Report on Teachers

Teacher Task Force and UNESCO Global Report on Teachers


21 Jun 2024    
11:00am - 4:30pm

Event Type

Report Launch Webinar Workshop

The inaugural Teacher Task Force and UNESCO Global Report on Teachers will be presented in Nottingham, U.K., on 21 June at a special event organized in cooperation with UKFIET


The report, titled Addressing teacher shortages and transforming the profession, was officially launched at the 14th Policy Dialogue Forum in Johannesburg on 26 February. This Nottingham event aims to share the findings of the report and provide an opportunity to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and generate actionable strategies to empower decisions-makers and teachers to improve education outcomes globally, in the United Kingdom and in Commonwealth countries as well as in countries where UKFIET and its partners operate.

An in-depth presentation will unveil the key findings of the report, including the need for an additional 44 million primary and secondary teachers by 2030 to meet SDG 4 targets. This session will discuss the root causes of teacher shortages, such as inadequate salaries, challenging working conditions, and insufficient professional support, as well as successful mitigation strategies employed by various countries. The presentation segment will be livestreamed, with a link to be published here once available.

Following the report presentation, four panel discussions will be held, focusing on key themes related to the report’s findings:

  • Teachers’ continuous personal development
  • Teachers’ working conditions
  • Financing teachers for achieving Target SDG 4 and Education 2030
  • Missing data on teachers

Panelists will include key education stakeholders and representatives from partner organizations.

The presentation of the report will be live streamed, the  panel discussions will be in person in Nottingham

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Registration – 10:30- 11:00

Introduction of the panel – 11:00-11:10

Presentation of the Global Report on Teachers- Carlos Vargas Tamez, Head of the Secretariat of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 and Chief of UNESCO’s Section for Teacher Development   11:10- 12.10 ( Including Q &A)

Panel discussion – 12- 1.00

[ LIVE online sessions – 11.00am- 1.00pm)

Break- 1.00- 1.40pm

Breakout sessions – 1.40-3.00pm

Tea break- 3.00- 3:15pm

Closing- 3:15- 4:20