Realising SDG 4: What more should be done for Girls' Education - Webinar 3:  Linkages


29 Sep 2022    
11:00am - 12:00pm

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29 September 11:00 – 12:00 BST


Overall, stakeholder groups tend to have different approaches, areas of focus and priorities regarding their work on girls’ education, leading to a lack of coherence. How can we strengthen awareness and alignment so that differences amongst actors can be used as a lever, as opposed to a barrier, for change?


Following the successful UKFIET/Girls’ Education Challenge event in Oxford: ‘Realising SDG 4: What More Should Be Done for Girls’ Education?’ we would like to invite you to participate in some webinars that will add to the discussion.

The in-person event  aimed to strengthen coherence within the girls’ education ecosystem in four key areas: ambition, understanding the gaps, linkages, actions. Through discussion we aimed to increase awareness of the different positions and pathways from which all stakeholders come and facilitate stronger collaboration and collective action moving forward.

We are very aware that not everyone was able to attend the in-person event and we are keen to make sure we gather as many reflections as possible on the four themes: Ambition, Gaps, Linkages and Actions that were discussed in relation to girls’ education.

The output of both the in-person event and webinars will be a set of collectively agreed upon priorities and next steps for each key area, due to be published in the Autumn.

We will present a summary of the discussion form the in-person event in each webinar and provide an opportunity to validate the summary and collate additional points.