IIEP Strategic Debate on Learning at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Moving from policy to implementation


24 May 2022    
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Event Type

Book Launch Panel

24 May 2-4pm BST

Inequalities in learning achievement are a global problem, but they are magnified in low- and middle-income countries. Largely due to poverty and social exclusion, those who face the most barriers to education and learning – children at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ – are often left behind. Within this context, the Learning at the Bottom of the Pyramid (LBOP) initiative has explored trends, policies and practices aimed at improving learning equity among the most disadvantaged children.

On the occasion of the release of the book “Learning, Marginalization, and Improving the Quality of Education in Low-income Countries”*, prepared under the Learning at the Bottom of the Pyramid (LBOP) initiative, IIEP is bringing together several of the authors to discuss how education actors are addressing LBOP in their respective countries, and in particular how to move from planning to the implementation of policies that address the specific needs of disadvantaged children.


Joining the discussions will be:

  • Sylvia Schmelkes (Panelist), Sociologist and Academic Provost of Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico;
  • Rangachar Govinda (Panelist), former Vice Chancellor, National University of Educational Planning, New Delhi.
  • John Mugo (Panelist), Executive Director of Zizi Afrique Foundation

Dan Wagner, Professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy, and co-organiser of the LBOP2 conference, will serve as Moderator. Discussant for the debate will be Karen Mundy, IIEP Director.

*The new volume, Wagner, D. A., Castillo, N. M. & Grant Lewis, S. (2022) (Eds.), “Learning, Marginalization, and Improving the Quality of Education in Low-income Countries”, can be downloaded for free at: https://books.openbookpublishers.com/10.11647/obp.0256.pdf