ESID webinar - The politics of learning reforms: How can governments be held to account?

Date: 10 Dec 2020
Time: 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Event Type: Webinar

Webinar Thursday 10 December 15:00-16:15 GMT

Developing countries have been more successful at widening access to education than raising learning outcomes partly because it is harder to build political support for learning reforms than for widening access. But is this inevitable? This webinar will bring together activists, policymakers/practitioners, and researchers to discuss experiences with the politics of learning reforms, and share lessons about how to hold governments to account for raising learning standards.

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Dr Naomi Hossain, American University

Professor Brian Levy, John Hopkins University

Rakesh Rajani, Co-Impact

Mohammad Muntasim Tanvir, Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Secretariat

Dr Sara Ruto, Peoples Action for Learning (PAL) Network

Ram Gaire, NCE-Nepal

Chair: Dr Susie Miles, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester