Call for papers for all practitioners, researchers, and learners in Adult Literacy, Family Literacy, Literacy for Adults with Additional Needs; English for Speakers of Other Languages (

RaPAL Journal 105: ‘International Lessons: from Lockdown to Women’s Literacy’ will have a dual theme – the first theme is ‘International Lessons from Lockdown’. This theme offers opportunities to explore how teaching and learning practices in literacy provision have been developed, in both in/formal forms, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. RAPAL are particularly interested in hearing from individuals and organisations around the world so that we can learn from one another as an international literacy community and to share inspiring practice.

The second theme is ‘International Lessons from Women’s Literacy’. As this edition ties in around the time of International Women’s Day, with month-long international events, we are keen to have broad contributions on this theme: from experiences of literacy practice with women around the world, to research in this field, to stories of inspirational women in the field of literacy.

If you require further information on writing for the journal, please see the RaPAL journal (