NORRAG, an associate program of the Geneva Graduate Institute, invites contributions to NORRAG Special Issue (NSI) 08 on The Education-Training-Work Continuums: Pathways to socio-professional inclusion for youth and adults. The contributions are expected to be short written articles (typically around 1200-1500 words) or multimedia material that can speak to a wider audience of policymakers, academics, researchers, civil society organizations, and other actors working in education and training. Short abstract are expected by 27 June 2022 of no more than 250 words, the first draft of the selected articles should be sent by 15 August 2022. Papers will be peer reviewed and returned with feedback by early September. Authors will then revise and resubmit their articles by early October, with a view to publishing the Special Issue on the Education-Training-Work Continuums at the beginning of December 2022.

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