The British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE) seeks to appoint an editor for Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education. Expression of interest are invited from suitable candidates.


BAICE is an association which promotes research, teaching, policy and development in all aspects of international and comparative education. BAICE is the British affiliate of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) but membership is open to all interested in international and comparative education, regardless of nationality or institutional affiliation. BAICE publishes the journal Compare in association with Taylor and Francis.


Compare is one of the world’s leading journals in international and comparative education. Founded in 1970, it is an established peer-reviewed journal with an impact factor of 1.817 (2020) and publishes work on the role of education in development and the interactions of local, national and global debates about education systems and practices. It seeks analyses of educational discourse, policy and practice across disciplines, and their implications for teaching, learning and governance. It is the official journal of BAICE and has witnessed a rapid growth in the number of submissions in recent years.

The journal has a horizontal leadership structure of three editors working in close collaboration with each other. Compare is currently seeking to appoint an editor to join Prof Catherine Montgomery and Prof Oscar Valiente. The new co-editor will take over from Prof Sheila Trahar whose term of office ends on September 30th, 2022.

Appointment is for an initial term of three years, which can be extended for a further term by mutual agreement. The new co-editor will have general responsibilities for editing and overseeing the process of peer reviewing. In addition, co-editors have responsibility for liaising with guest editors of special issues, for the public relations of the journal,  for the promotion of Compare and its scholarly publications through various means, for organising the annual recruitment of the Compare Fellow, for the Writing for Publication workshops and for maintaining links with and safeguarding the interests of the journal vis-à-vis the publisher Taylor and Francis.

The co-editor will work closely with fellow co-editors, with the Chair of the Editorial Board (Dr Tejendra Pherali) and the editorial board, and receive administrative support from the editorial assistant. The co-editor is expected to attend three board meetings per year and also to contribute to the BAICE Executive as an ex-officio member. An honorarium of £3000 is paid annually for the editorship. The workload of a co-editor is about 4 to 8 hours a week.

Aside from the more specific responsibilities mentioned above, the Co-Editor’s responsibilities include:

  • Leading the development of strategy, values and vision of the journal.
  • On a rotating basis, take the lead in screening papers, selecting reviewers and managing the peer review process (with administrative support from the editorial assistant).
  • Identifying additional/new reviewers in certain areas and assessing appropriateness and quality of reviewers’ responses to authors.
  • Communicating with prospective and current authors
  • Contributing to the writing of the editorial reports for the editorial board and BAICE Committee meetings. Attending all editorial board meetings (three per year).
  • Liaising with the Book Reviews Editor, Dr Amy North (UCL Institute of Education) about reviews for each issue (particularly Special Issues).
  • Journal promotion at conferences and presentations at journal editor panels (shared responsibility with other co-editors).
  • Working with fellow editors, BAICE Chair and editorial assistant to identify potentially high impact articles and produce podcasts with the authors for wider dissemination of the knowledge.
  • Ongoing critical review of editorial procedures, guidelines for authors and reviewers, web and print publicity.
  • Maintaining the College of Reviewers and liaising with members of the international advisory board and the editorial board.

Final decisions about the sharing of workloads will be made in conjunction with the other co-editors once the appointment has been made.

Members of the editorial board are expected to be members of BAICE. Compare publishes high quality research covering a wide range of issues and geographical areas which are of international significance within international and comparative education. All co-editors, therefore, have a significant role to play in the journal’s continuing success, and in maintaining and further enhancing its profile internationally.

If interested, please send your CV together with a two-page statement outlining your area of expertise (including previous editorial experience) and your envisaged contribution to the journal. Please note that the co-editor should be based in a UK higher educational institution.  CVs should be sent to:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.

If you would like further information about the role and Compare’s editorial process before applying please contact Prof Oscar Valiente, Special Issues Co-Editor ( or Prof Catherine Montgomery, Public Relations Co-Editor ( ) or Prof Sheila Trahar Forum co-editor (

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 4pm UK time, 31st May 2022