NORRAG invites education and finance professionals to apply now for the new Executive Education course on Innovative Financing for Education

This fully-online course is offered by NORRAG in partnership with the Geneva Graduate Institute, IIEP-UNESCO and with support from the Jacobs Foundation. Apply now to get equipped with solid skills to understand, analyse, evaluate and design Innovative Financing for Education.


Course Instructors:

Innovative Financing for Education (IFE) mechanisms are being designed and implemented in various forms across the world. In this course, participants will learn, through real-life case studies and cutting-edge research, about various innovative financing approaches conceptualised and implemented within education.

Schedule: 3 March – 30 June 2023; 3 interaction hours per week

Format: Interactive fully-online course

Course language: English

Instructors: International experts in IFE

Audience: Actors working in the field of education and finance – Investment firms, government agencies including ministries of education and finance, foundations, donor agencies, intermediaries, non-profit organisations, international and local NGOs, development sector, corporate social responsibility, among others

Accreditation: Successful participants will receive an Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies in Innovative Financing in Education (15 ECTS)

Cost: CHF 9,600 (Some scholarship places available with support from the Jacobs Foundation)

Application deadline: 1 February 2023. Apply early to be considered for the scholarship!

The course is open to all, please spread the word and share with your network!


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