Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the RISE Annual Conference 2020 has been postponed until early 2021. Further details of the amended RISE Annual Conference dates will be released in due course.

In the absence of this year’s conference, RISE will instead curate a series of presentations online. The Call for Papers for the RISE Annual Conference was due to close on 27 March 2020. This deadline has been extended until 17 April 2020. Shortly after this date, RISE reviewers will select papers under a small number of conference themes. Authors of the papers selected for each theme will be invited to produce slides with embedded audio. These recordings will be released in July 2020, alongside a brief introduction to, and discussion of, the papers in each theme by a member of the RISE Directorate. Audiences will be invited to ask questions and comment on the presentations, and this feedback will be collated and shared with the authors.

During this time of uncertainty, we acknowledge that it is not “business as usual”; however, we are also aware that many of you have spent countless hours on your research and would value the feedback that this event will provide. We encourage you to submit your paper for inclusion in this series of curated online presentations.

For those that have already submitted papers to the RISE Annual Conference, we are happy to transfer your submission. If you have any questions or wish to make a new submission, please email rise@bsg.ox.ac.uk.

For reference purposes, the original RISE Conference 2020 Call for Papers information can be found on the RISE website.