Ingredients for Success – from Voices of the Next Generation Conference

Three  ingredients for success:

1. Include youth – they can tell you what they want
2. Invest in data – build the long-term evidence base. Systematic learning and collaboration is crucial
3. Embrace technology – it is not the panacea but has huge transformative potential

Catherine Gladwell, Director, Refugee Support Network speaking at the Voices of the Next Generation -Shaping the future of education in development conference held on 1 June. The conference was organised by Cambridge Education in collaboration with UKFIET, The Commonwealth, Atkins Global, Save the Children UK and the Young MCA.

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    Dr.S,B,Ekanayake June 4, 2017 at 16:19 #

    I do agree with the ingredients for success. All these are related to successes in the context of growth, consumerism and individualism, more in keeping with the objectives of the Western concepts all promoting greediness and desire to promote insatiable needs. What is lacking is the feeling for all humans, both fauna and flora, more so the poor and the powerless.The Bhutanese concept of happiness in development index should be noted bring about the sustainability of the earth and the human.

    S.B.Ekanayake Ph.D
    Association for Educational Research and Development Sri Lanka (AERDSL)
    former Basic Ed.Adviser
    UNESCO/UNHCR Afghanistan

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