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Are students still learning during COVID-19? Formative assessment can provide the answer

This blog was written by Julia Liberman, Operations Officer and EdTech Fellow; Victoria Levin, Senior Economist; and Diego Luna-Bazaldua, Education Specialist from the World Bank. It was originally published on the World Bank Blogs site on 27 April 2020. As schools around the world have closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (and many have extended […]

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The COVID-19 cost of school closures

This blog was written by George Psacharopolous, Adjunct Professor – Global Human Development, Georgetown University; Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager, World Bank Education; Victoria Collis, Managing Director, River Path Associates; and Emiliana Vegas, Co-Director, Center for Universal Education and Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development. It was originally published on the Education Plus Development Brookings website […]

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Teachers, the school principal and the village chief meet to discuss school finances and priorities. Khokkham Primary School, Pak Ou District, Lao PDR. GPE / Kelley Lynch

3 recommendations to support school leaders during the coronavirus pandemic

This blog was written by Sameer Sampat and Azad Oommen, Global School Leaders and originally published on the Global Partnership for Education website on 4 May 2020. Whether they are called headmasters, principals or directors, school leaders play an important motivating and coordinating role in education systems’ COVID-19 responses. Here are our recommendations to support […]

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Learning through the coronavirus lockdown: listening to children’s experience in India

This blog was written by Kimaya Mehta, a 13-year-old student and blogger from Mumbai. It was commissioned by Sonali Saini, Founder Director of Sol’s Ark, an Indian NGO that conducts innovative education research to build inclusive learning content, ensuring every child can learn and that innovation will reach the last mile. Kimaya interviewed 13 children […]

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