UKFIET Conference 2021 Building Back Better? Reimagining, reorienting and redistributing education and training 14-16 September

We are now recruiting the sub theme Convenors who will be part of the Conference Committee shaping the 2021 Conference

UKFIET 2021  Conference: theme convenors

The UKFIET Conference 2021 will be organised around  a number of themes, representing different aspects of the overall conference theme ‘Building Back Better?’ Each of these themes will be led by 2 co-convenors drawn from different organisations to facilitate critical dialogue across constituencies – research, policy, practice etc.

The theme co-convenors will play a critical role in shaping both their sub- theme and its place within the conference, and the overall format of the Conference through membership of the 2021 Conference Committee. The Conference Committee comprises a conference chair and vice- chair, conference manager, BAICE representative and the theme co-convenors.  The UKFIET engagement fellow is also a member of the committee.

The list below outlines the key tasks for theme convenors; it is hoped convenors will undertake tasks collaboratively with their co-convenor including sharing attendance at the Conference Committee meetings to limit the demands on colleagues’ time.

  1. To contribute to the overall conference strategy and format as a member of the Conference Committee and to attend all conference committee meetings. (We anticipate meetings in December (shaping the themes), April (agreeing acceptances),  July (programming) and meetings either side of the conference itself in September 2021; the meetings will be a mixture of virtual meetings and face to face meetings in London where necessary and feasible.)
  2. To develop their conference theme. To compose a narrative for their sub-theme inviting abstracts for individual papers and symposia as agreed with the Conference Committee.
  3. To review submitted abstracts for their sub-theme and put forward a selection for inclusion in the conference in line with the policy agreed by the Conference Committee (approximately 50 to 100 abstracts).
  4. To organise sessions for their sub-theme in consultation with other members of the conference Committee to ensure a coherent programme; identifying and contacting sessions chairs and contributors.
  5. To support contingency planning in the light of COVID-19.
  6. To oversee the smooth running of sessions within their sub-theme at the conference.
  7. To contribute a short blog piece for the UKFIET website, one from each co-convenor; one on the key ideas emerging in their theme, the other retrospective on the theme following the conference. This could be written or an audio/ video file for example a conversation between the 2 co-convenors.

Convenor contributions to the UKFIET Conference 2021 will be recognised with a fee waiver for the conference and three nights of accommodation in Oxford for the conference (14 – 16 September 2021).  All reasonable expenses for meetings etc, including travel within the UK, will be reimbursed.

Ideally but not exclusively, Convenors should be associated with UKFIET member organisations and no more than 1 convenor will be from any one organisation to ensure that a broad range of organisations have the opportunity to input to the conference.

We invite expressions of interest in this role; please send a summary CV and short note outlining your area of expertise and the theme to which you think it aligns to Ruth Naylor (2021 Conference Chair) and Sarah Jeffery (UKFIET Conference manager) 14 October 2020.;