UKFIET is looking for a Conference Chair to work with the Conference Committee in planning and preparing during the forthcoming year for the 2023 Conference.

For more detail on the role, key dates and provisional conference theme please see below. 

Expressions of Interest are invited by 2 September to include a statement of why you are interested and a short CV addressed to 

UKFIET Conference 2023

Conference Chair Term of Reference

 The UKFIET Conference will be held 12- 14 September 2023 at the University of Oxford Examination Schools, Oxford, UK

The Conference Chair, working with a Deputy Chair, Conference Manager and conference committee, will be critical in shaping and planning the conference. 

The list below outlines the key tasks for the Conference Chair.

  • To develop the conference programme, including where appropriate innovative, non-traditional or novel elements or formats
  • To finalise the conference outline text, working from the provisional conference title and sub-themes of the conference
  • To identify and recruit the conference committee which will include the sub-theme convenors and guide them in production of their sub-theme texts. This will be done in collaboration with the UKFIET Executive Committee
  • To chair planning meetings with the conference committee and attend UKFIET Executive Committee meetings to report on progress of the conference planning
  • To provide guidance to the sub-theme convenors in the review process via the ExOrdo abstract management software
  • To have oversight of all submitted and reviewed abstracts, and to make final decisions on any discrepancies between reviewers
  • To design plenary sessions including identifying potential keynote and plenary speakers and oversee their engagement. Suggestions may also come from the UKFIET Executive and Trustees
  • To have oversight over the conference programme and programming of accepted papers
  • To attend the conference in Oxford

Key dates:

  • Conference title announced at BAICE Conference 13 September 2022
  • November 2022 – Initial conference committee meeting
  • January 2023 – Open call for abstracts
  • Review process end March – mid April 2023
  • Mid-May 2023 – notify authors of review
  • July 2023 – programming
  • September 2023 – conference

For logistical reasons it is required that the Conference Manager is UK-based.

Conference fees and 3 nights’ accommodation and all reasonable expenses will be paid. 

Anticipated time commitment is equivalent to 20 days in total over a 12-month period.

Expressions of Interest for the Conference Chair position may come from academics or practitioners in the field of international education, who may be employed or self-employed in a number of different ways.  UKFIET will consider proposals for a fee-paid role.  Also, UKFIET will consider Expressions of Interest for a reduced chair role if an interested party is unable to fulfil all the tasks specified but is nonetheless able to provide the necessary leadership and decision-making.  In this case, UKFIET may be able to provide support to the Chair including on programmatic, logistical and administrative aspects of the role. 

Expressions of Interest are invited by 2 September to include a statement of why you are interested and a short CV addressed to 

The provisional theme and indicative sub-themes for the conference are provided below.  These will be developed by the incoming Conference Chair and Conference Committee. 


UKFIET Conference 2023

Provisional Conference Topic, Abstract and Themes

Theme:  Education for Social and Climate Justice:  Diversity, Sustainability, Responsibility.

Crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, the unfolding climate emergency and ongoing and resurgent conflict have shown that progress towards a sustainable planet is fragile and reversible.  Inequality and injustice threaten progress towards the goal of equitable quality education for all by 2030 (SDG4) and require urgent remediation and mitigation.  Education among marginalised groups in particular must be prioritised as a shared global responsibility if the tide of widening inequalities is to be stemmed and in furtherance of global human rights.  Moreover, equitable and sustainable progress require much more than ’business as usual’, calling not only for innovation but for transformation.  Re-thinking conceptualisations of and relations between global North and South in education are fundamental to addressing marginalisation and its root causes, including by ‘reversing the gaze’ to critically examine the role played by the North in education and development from the perspectives of the global majority.  This conference will bring together scholars and practitioners in the field of international education and training at this crucial half-way point on the timeline set for the SDGs in 2015, offering opportunity for diverse and critical dialogue and debate on ways forward in this crucial field of research and practice.

Sub-theme Examples:

  1. Conflict, crisis, climate and migration
  2. Decolonisation, politics, knowledges and power
  3. Planning, finance, technology and data
  4. Equity, inclusion and language
  5. Education systems including workforce and curricula
  6. Covid and lessons from the pandemic
  7. Rights, well-being and education