Global launch of the 2020 Global Education Monitoring Report: Inclusion and Education #AllMeansAll

23 June 2020 9-10 am UK time

On 23 June the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report will launch its 2020 Report calling for countries to concentrate on those being left behind and move towards inclusion in education – a particularly poignant message for those now rebuilding their school systems after the arrival of Covid-19.

Over the course of an hour you will hear from inclusion champions, ministers, teachers and celebrities from different corners of the world whose stories and efforts go to the very heart of the theme of the 2020 GEM Report. This Report calls on all education actors to widen their understanding of inclusive education to include all learners, no matter their identity, background or ability; to believe that every person is unique, has potential and should be respected; to put diversity at the core of education systems, rather than seeing it as a problem.

To join the GEM Report’s first ever virtual global launch register at


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