Global e-launch of PAL Network’s International Common Assessment of Numeracy Report

9 July 5:00-6:30 pm (GMT +03:00)

ICAN is an open-source, robust and easy-to-use assessment tool, available in 11 languages, that offers international comparability of results aligned to SDG 4.1.1. (a). It was developed through collaborative efforts between PAL Network member organisations in 13 low and middle-income countries across Africa, Asia and America. ICAN serves as a large-scale proof of concept that a common tool can be used to assess foundational numeracy skills across contexts.

The launch will feature the following speakers;

  1. Dr. Silvia Montoya- Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics
  2. Dr. Rukmini Banerji – Chief Executive Officer, Pratham Education Foundation
  3. Dr. Sylvia Schmelkes- Academic Vice-President of Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City
  4. Mr. Boureïma Allaye Touré- Chairperson, National Council of Civil Society Organisations in Mali
  5. Dr. James Jowi- Principal Education Officer, East African Community

Zoom Link:

During the launch, discussions will not only reflect on the potential of ICAN as a Global Learning Metric for SDG 4.1.1 (a) but also the possibilities of using it as a diagnostic tool to measure learning gains and/or losses post COVID-19 pandemic. Connect with us on Twitter @palnetworkHQ.

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